I’ve had the opportunity to work at a company which implemented “10% lab days” and over the course of 3 years seen how it evolved and worked in practice.

First, let’s see where it came from. Google famously practiced the “20% time”. …

A tale of evolution

When the software is successful, it usually grows in size and complexity but the brain of humans behind it, doesn’t!

Adding more humans may slightly improve the situation but it has its limits. A better solution is to divide the software into logical pieces small enough for a few humans…

I joined Schibsted back in 2016 when the relatively new Products and Technology (SPT) unit was filled with ambitious, smart and visionary people. There was a special energy in the company those days. I was happy. I learned a lot over the past 5 years. …

Using the potentials of a big company to solve some of its collaboration challenges

Large companies are usually comprised of many teams — each focusing on a subset of the problem domain.

Autonomy vs collaboration

To increase agility the company may give autonomy to the teams to decide their work process, tooling, or even defining their own scope. …

A visualization of anti-growth mindset

Career ladder is a great tool for cultivating growth mindset in an organization:

  • It clarifies the promotion criteria transparently and advocates meritocracy
  • It aligns personal growth with organizational growth
  • It reduces churn by challenging long term employees
  • It sets examples of good behavior and inspires leadership

Unfortunately many companies fail…

Alex Ewerlöf

Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

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