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  • John Veldboom

    John Veldboom

  • Dennis Bell

    Dennis Bell

  • Chris Clouten

    Chris Clouten

    Half awake in a fake empire. I cook, I bike, I ink, and I follow the @Arsenal. Also a software engineer @disney-streaming.

  • Fabricio Pautasso

    Fabricio Pautasso

    #SoftwareEngineer #TechnicalWriter #Technology

  • Erik Larsson

    Erik Larsson

  • Michał Łowicki

    Michał Łowicki

    Software engineer at Datadog, previously at Facebook and Opera, never satisfied.

  • Kyle C. Quest (Q)

    Kyle C. Quest (Q)

    CTO / Redefining DevOps * Hacker @DockerSlim * @Golang50Shades * Cloud Native * Data * Security

  • Martin Heinz

    Martin Heinz

    Certified Red Hat Professional | DevOps Engineer at IBM | Working with Python, JavaScript, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker and more | https://martinheinz.dev/

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