How to handle a company reorg?!

  • Will I be forced to leave the tech stack I spent so much time to learn?
  • Will I like my new colleagues? My new manager? My manager’s manager all the way up? Do I have to prove myself to the new crew?
  • etc.

Learn from that boy in black shirt 👆

Yep! He probably figured it out! I don’t know that boy but look at how he’s posing for the camera of some random photographer while the rest of the kids are probably chatting about the disaster that’s surrounding them.

Change is the only constant in life — Heraclitus


A few years ago I was working at an online retail company who had seen better days. It was bought by a Canadian company to expand their business to the nordic and European region but soon after the acquisition, many key people left. I joined the company after one of their web developers left and there was an opening. The CEO called for a rather expensive meeting where the whole company was invited to a 2-day long brainstorming event to come up with something called BHAG standing for Big Hairy Audacious Goal. It was amazing to see how the old employees came up with minor ideas that was just a bit different from what they have been doing for years. I, being new to the company also came up with some ideas but was “convinced” by the others that those ideas are too radical.

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them. — Albert Einstein

Welcome it

The only way to enjoy a change is to truly embrace it. I can’t emphasize this enough and there are books written about it (my favorite: Who moved my cheese? by Spencer Johnson). But… what does it exactly mean to embrace the change?

Start from within

We humans are very limited creatures. Our perception of the world is limited by the spectrum of what our 5 senses pass to our heavily filtering neural networks only to be processed by 1.5kg of fat where the results are stored in a heavily filtered memory. That’s why no two people have exactly the same interpretation of the world or even the simplest event.

Adapt to it

This is not just about companies and jobs. In nature, the species that adapt, survive.

Influence it

There’s nothing worse than being passive during a change. It’s like voting abstain and letting others choose your fate. Your role might be small but in hard times you can win a lot by showing your best side and be vocal about what you want to do next. Be part of the reorg.

Keep the good parts

As much as it is important to raise awareness to things that didn’t work out, it is crucial to mention the things that are working well. A reorg may change a lot of things and if there are not enough positive feedback, people driving it may actually take away the good stuff too. So think about the things that you like and make sure relevant people know about it.

Appreciate it

Believe it or not, many companies, small or big go down because they fail to adapt themselves to the market. Remember how Microsoft lost the browser wars to Google Chrome or how Palm lost its innovative WebOS to HP and then LG?

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Back to that little guy 👆. Will he let the war that’s out of his control eat him up? Or will he grow to be the father to the next generation of thriving Syrian children? Only time will tell… 😃 Wish him the best!



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