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A quick guide on how to use my content from

First of all, thanks for your interest. It’s humbling to see that you want to help these ideas reach a wider audience.

There are two main reasons people reach out to ask permission to use my content:

This short page should answer most basic questions. You can contact me on if you have further questions (I’m not active on any social media but LinkedIn).


All my public articles under this domain ( are free to translate and publish under these conditions:

Disclaimer: I don’t own the full rights of some of the images. In those cases the image source is clearly specified.

Let me know the URL to your posts so I can put a link at the top of the original article.

Thaks for your interest to translate my article and make it available to people speaking other languages.


If you want to publish any of my articles as-is to another Medium publication or site, please get in touch so we can discuss the details. It is free of course, and I most likely agree, but I need to understand the reasoning, the reach and how will you keep the article updated since I edit most of my article as I grow.



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