Reusing my content

  • Translating it to other languages
  • Publishing it in Medium publications or other sites


  • The article is NOT part of another medium publication. Why? Because if I have published it to another publication, the publication owner may not be happy to see that it is re-published somewhere else. We can discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Just get in touch via email and I’ll take it from there.
  • The translation is loyal to the original text in meaning and intention. Why? Because translations are tricky. The original meaning may get lost if the translation is too literal (particularly in case of proverbs and idioms)
  • The original author name (Alex Ewerlöf) is clearly specified. Why? To give credit and help me build a personal brand. Also to clearly distinguish that the opinions expressed in my content are mine and not necessarily represent your own brand.
  • The translator name is clearly specified. Why? To get creadit for your translation but also avoid confusing the audience.
  • The original publication date clearly specified. Why? Because my article represents my thoughts at a certain point in time and as I grow, I may change my opinions. This is specially true about the more technical content that may be irrelevant as the technology evolves.
  • The translation date is clearly specified. Why? Because my articles are live content and I add/modify them as I learn more about a topic. The translation captures the article at a certain point in time.




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