The 4P career evaluation system

1. People

The “company culture” is a marketing myth. What you’re looking for is the “team culture” because each team is different.

Each person brings something different to the table. We are not making products for males in their 30's!

If you don’t get a chance to meet your team during the recruitment process, you’re just gambling with your career.

2. Product/Project

Your time is limited on this planet. If you’re working, these are probably the best years of your life with your body at its peak. Don’t sacrifice that quantity and quality for no meaning.

3. Pay/Package

I’ll happily work for less money to get to work with great people and on an awesome product.

Don’t get me wrong: their pays were not higher than mine but I ended up with colleagues that estimated their worth correctly (or adjusted the amount of effort they put to work accordingly).

If the company pays below the market range, you may end up working with people with the matching it and producing products with average quality.

  • If the company is solving an important problem for a wide range of direct/indirect customers, it makes more money and offers a better pay
  • top talent usually doesn’t sell themselves cheap, hence a company that has managed to hire skilled people often pays better to keep its human assets

4. Place

The country matters

The city matters

The region matters

  • usually the businesses that have a strong product, have a good money flow and can afford a place that’s central
  • the easier it is to access the workplace from a wider geographical area, the more chance the company has to hire top talent

The workplace matters

The place is not just a geographical lat:long. It’s the definition of territory at the core of a brain that’s evolved for our hunter-gatherer species.




Sr. Staff Engineer, Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

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Alex Ewerlöf

Alex Ewerlöf

Sr. Staff Engineer, Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

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