The most important decision you make in your professional life and beyond

  • Product: the type of product the company is building. Is it ethical? Is it something that gets me out of the bed passionately every morning? Is the company well-known and respected in the field for the product?
  • People: my colleagues and manager
  • Place: how much time am I gonna loose in the commute to/from work? That’s unpaid time I’m investing regularly! Do they allow remote work?
  • Pay: does it pay well? The compensation, insurance, pension, mobile phone, gears, books, gym card, the whole package.

TLDR (for the impatient); the most important decision is “your manager”, but I really encourage you to read on and internalize why.

1. Your manager can grow you or ruin you

Don’t get me wrong. You should never work for your boss! You are your own best boss and you should be passionate about what you do. But there are things that in the hierarchy of a company only a good manager can help you with that.

2. Your manager sets your relationships

As social beings a big part of our happiness comes from the interactions we have with other people. We spend the better part of the day doing things with our team. Your manager is the filter who defines the arrangement of the team and essentially influences your happiness.

3. Your manager decides your pay and more

Money is not just for paying bills. It decides who are you gonna be sitting next to. Top talent doesn’t sell themselves cheap so if you want good colleagues, don’t settle for average salary.

What’s the catch?





Sr. Staff Engineer, Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

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Alex Ewerlöf

Alex Ewerlöf

Sr. Staff Engineer, Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

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