What should Linus Torvalds do next?

Linus Torvalds’ excellent track record is actually an album of related software projects. He made Linux for his master thesis after being fascinated by Unix architecture and trying to make something better than Minix. It became a huge collaborative project which required a good distributed source code management utility. So he made Git right after Linux became self-sustainable and left him enough free time. Now that Git is sustainable, what is next?

A system programming language

Lately our industry has seen several efforts to create a modern system programming language. From Google’s Go to Mozilla’s Rust it seems there is a need for a better system programming language than C.


Compiler, parser and optimization is not everyone’s cup of tea but someone who has made a great operating system knows a thing or two about what makes a perfect system programming language.

The ultimate contribution

Finnish is one of the world’s hardest languages. Linus Torvalds speaks that plus Swedish and English. As a trilingual myself, I find it amazing that the language I use to express something actually changes my way of thinking.

Language affects the way we think about a problem. We certainly need more of Linus’ mentality in this world. His ultimate contribution would be to let more people think like him.

We’re talking about a mentality that threatened and reshaped one of the biggest companies in the world. It’s not just an operating system. It’s a new way to build things. Linux alone would cost $1.4 billion if developed with traditional proprietary methods, yet it’s free.

Software is like sex, it’s better when it’s free — Linus Torvalds

If Linus Torvalds designs a language, it’ll become popular faster than Git and certainly Linux. The academia will immediately pick up and train the next generation of problem solvers with a tool that is made by one of the best software icons alive today. Equipped with better tools programmers can solve problems more efficiently and this pushes the world forward.

A “loud” fan

In the world of software and internet, Linus Torvalds is a rock star. He’s the Elvis or Michael Jackson if you will. I’m not in a position to tell him what to do. I’m merely a loud fan asking for the next song in this awesome concert.

Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer

Knowledge Worker, MSc Systems Engineering, Tech Lead, Web Developer